The Team

Kubai Kahara

Position: C.E.O
Categories: Team

Meet Mr. Kubai Kahara, the Chief Executive Officer of Peace and Development Network Trust
(PeaceNet). For more than a decade, Mr. Kubai has passionately championed peacebuilding in
various capacities as a lecturer in International Security and Conflict Management, researcher and
practitioner implementing peacebuilding and governance programs. He holds a Master’s Degree in
Diplomacy and International Studies from University of Nairobi, and a Bachelor’s degree in political
science and sociology from Kenyatta University.
His professional journey reflects a steadfast commitment to peace and progress. Mr. Kubai firmly
believes that the pursuit of peace and good governance is a shared responsibility, attainable through
collective commitment. His leadership resonates with the conviction that by uniting efforts, society
can create sustainable peace and governance. With an unwavering resolve, he envisions a brighter
future for Peace and Development Network Kenya (PeaceNet) and the communities it serves.

Kubai Kahara


Meet Mr. Kubai Kahara, the Chief Executive Officer of Peace…

Julius Togom

Position: Finance and Operations Manager
Categories: Team

Julius Togom is the Financial and Operational Manager for Peace and Development Network Trust
(PeaceNet Kenya). Julius has held this position for the last 13 years with experience spanning over 20
years. He has various certifications ranging from Public Accountant, certified secretary, fundraising,
and mediation amongst others with a bachelor’s degree in Finance. Julius has grown in knowledge and
experience over the years with various expertise in managing multiple projects in partnership with the
European Union (E.U.), USAID, UN amongst others. Julius also has a passion for peacebuilding and

Julius Togom

Finance and Operations Manager

Julius Togom is the Financial and Operational Manager for Peace…

Mercy Letting

Position: Senior Project Officer
Categories: Team

Mercy Letting is currently the Senior Project Officer at PeaceNet Kenya and spearheads the
Monitoring and Evaluation Department as well as Gender Mainstreaming. She sits at the steering
committee for the implementation of UNSCR 1325 on Women Peace and Security and has
actively been engaged in the review of Kenya’s Peace Building Architecture.
Mercy holds a Master of Arts Degree in Project Planning and Management from the University
of Nairobi with a Thesis on The Influence of Women Participation in Community Peace
Building Programs on Social Welfare of Communities. She also has a Bachelor’s Degree in the
same field from Moi University. She has undertaken training on Active Non-Violence from
Hekima University College and is a Certified Professional Mediator by DCRI.
She has vast experience in Peace Building and Conflict Transformation; Governance and
Advocacy; Elections Security Management; Environmental Conservation for Peace; and, Youth
and Women participation in Peace and Security. She has managed multi – donor projects
working with various development partners including; USAID, UNDP, UN Women and DFID.
Further, Mercy has undertaken various consultancies including developing Strategic Plans and
Facilitating Conflict Transformation and Gender Mainstreaming Trainings.
Ms. Letting is a highly motivated team player with great desire to see success and sustainability
in projects that she is part of; a firm believer in ethics, integrity, teamwork and self-discipline.

Mercy Letting

Senior Project Officer

Mercy Letting is currently the Senior Project Officer at PeaceNet…

Castro Baraza

Position: Project Officer Migori
Categories: Team

Castro Baraza is a Commonwealth Professional Peace Fellow and a Certified Professional
Mediator, Castro is a strong professional with a Master in Peacebuilding from Coventry University
and a BA in Political Science from Kenyatta University, where he served as the secretary general of
the Students Union between 2005 and 2006. Castro is an experienced political scientist with a
demonstrated history of working in the international affairs, elections crisis management and
peacebuilding industry. Skilled in human rights, governance, peacebuilding and conflict mitigation,
research, politics, elections, project management and conflict and gender analysis.
He has over 10 years experience in peacebuilding and elections crisis management having worked
for a number of organizations including the, United Nations Development Program (UNDP), the
National Steering Committee on Peacebuilding and Conflict Management (NSC/PBCM), and for the
European Centre for Electoral Support (ECES). Since 2019 Castro has worked for the Peace and
Development Network Trust (PeaceNet Kenya) as a Project Officer.
In his current and previous positions, he has contributed immensely to the institutionalization of
peacebuilding processes through conflict analysis, conflict early warning mechanisms, elections crisis
management, Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR), people to people dialogue among other
milestones in Kenya and beyond.

Castro Baraza

Project Officer Migori

Castro Baraza is a Commonwealth Professional Peace Fellow and a Certified…

Victor Ngetich

Position: ICT Administrator
Categories: Team

Victor Ngetich is the ICT Administrator, the social media monitor and manager of all the internet
handles for Peace and Development Network Trust (PeaceNet Kenya). Victor has a passion for ICT
and peacebuilding with 6 years experience in his position at PeaceNet Kenya and has developed a
keen appreciation for Monitoring, Evaluation and Reporting having recently completed a training in
the same. Peacebuilding makes for an exceptionally interesting and eye-opening area to work in.
With lots of positive experiences and regular exchange of ideas has really allowed me to appreciate
the work done by PeaceNet Kenya in the sector.
Victor has an Information Technology, Network Administration and Design (BSc) degree from Edith
Cowan University in Perth Australia. He will be starting an online master’s program at University of
East London in Data Science that will end in 2025.

Victor Ngetich

ICT Administrator

Victor Ngetich is the ICT Administrator, the social media monitor…




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