Kubai Kahara

Position: C.E.O
Categories: Team

Meet Mr. Kubai Kahara, the Chief Executive Officer of Peace and Development Network Trust
(PeaceNet). For more than a decade, Mr. Kubai has passionately championed peacebuilding in
various capacities as a lecturer in International Security and Conflict Management, researcher and
practitioner implementing peacebuilding and governance programs. He holds a Master’s Degree in
Diplomacy and International Studies from University of Nairobi, and a Bachelor’s degree in political
science and sociology from Kenyatta University.
His professional journey reflects a steadfast commitment to peace and progress. Mr. Kubai firmly
believes that the pursuit of peace and good governance is a shared responsibility, attainable through
collective commitment. His leadership resonates with the conviction that by uniting efforts, society
can create sustainable peace and governance. With an unwavering resolve, he envisions a brighter
future for Peace and Development Network Kenya (PeaceNet) and the communities it serves.




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