Who We Are

Peace and Development Network Trust (PeaceNet Kenya) is a national networking and partnership building organization providing a platform for CSOs, and other peace actors committed to collaboration and mobilization of national and regional initiatives for peace building, promotion of justice and conflict transformation.

The idea to set up the organization was initiated by three organizations namely Oxfam GB, the Mennonite Central Committee and the Anglican Development Desk, who were collaborating, in 1992, on providing relief support to victims of politically motivated ethnic violence in Kenya. In 1993, the Ethnic Clashes Network (ECN), was established in recognition of the need for continued coordination of relief and advocacy work around the violence, its causes and consequences, and was initially hosted by the National Council of NGOs of Kenya. In 1995, the ECN, broadened its mandate to cover broader peace issues and changed its name to Peace and Development Network (PeaceNet). In August 2005, PeaceNet registered itself as a Trust.




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